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COVID-19 Response

March 24, 2020

Riken is working with the Australian dental association, federal government and regulators to continue to ensure everyone is kept safe in these challenging and unprecedented times.

Hello Riken Dental patients,

From March 30th Dental practices are now in Level 3 “restrict” which has been enacted because it has become clear that COVID-19 is not contained. This level is triggered when the risk of infections exponentially escalating without drastic and immediate community action including by the dental community is significant.

RIKEN DENTAL IS TEMPORARILY CLOSED but YOUR URGENT DENTAL NEEDS will be provided at BUPA DENTAL CLINIC, located at 50 Grenfell St (corner of Gawler Place).

Richard Huebl is the Practice Principle of both Riken Dental and Bupa Dental Clinic. These two surgeries have worked closely together for the past 4 years. It has been decided to put all our resources and special precautions into one site. When we return to Level 2, we will reopen Riken. Level 2 “reduce” is based on a scenario where COVID-19 infection is mostly well contained. If we stay at Level 3 for more than 6 weeks, we will review the need to reopen Riken at Level 3 treatments.


Please call Riken on 8212 3499 and you will be questioned regarding your dental needs. It is possible that you may need to speak to the dentist as well to ascertain If you qualify for treatment.  If you do qualify an appointment will be made for you at Bupa Dental Clinic, 50 Grenfell St.


Please refer to the below table for an outline of treatment permitted and treatment deferred.   

Treatments Permitted:
  • Management of patients with acute dental pain e.g. endodontic treatment under rubber dam, or extraction.
  • Management of significantly damaged upper front teeth (e.g. due to trauma, with restorative treatment provided under rubber dam)
  • Soft tissue pathology e.g. ulcers
  • Management of complex medically compromised patients, with dental concerns which may compromise their systemic disease
  • Management of those at higher risk of rapid progression of dental disease due to socioeconomic or cultural factors
  • Management of patients referred by medical practitioner for medically necessary dental care
Treatments Deferred:
  • All routine recall examinations
  • Extractions of asymptomatic teeth without swelling
  • Broken or chipped tooth/teeth
  • Bleeding or sore gums, halitosis
  • Loose teeth without aspiration risk
  • Denture concerns
  • Crown and bridge
  • Scale and clean
  • Clicking/grating in jaw joint

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