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Head & Neck Pain

Can teeth cause Neck Pain or Headaches?

Your OCCLUSION is how your teeth touch when your jaws close together. In functional usage (chewing, speech and swallowing) our teeth only touch together for between 3-17 minutes a day (24 hours) probably at loads under 100 p.s.i.

Teeth rarely touch in speech but do touch under the following circumstances:

If a patient can make occluding contacts in parafunctional movements such as bruxing (grinding or clenching of teeth whilst awake or especially during sleep) it is possible the patient may be loading the teeth (or prosthetic replacements), supporting periodontium and temporomandibular mechanism with loads of up to 1,000 p.s.i. for hours per day.

Bruxism (grinding or clenching teeth) occurs more when a person is “mentally active”, whether due to emotional stress or just simply a hectic lifestyle.

Bruxism – grinding or clenching teeth.

The effects of bruxism are:

More information can be found by visiting www.headacheprevention.com or www.aacfp.org

These symptoms can be treated by:

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