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Tooth Coloured Fillings

How does the CEREC computer restoration system work?
After your tooth is prepared, it is scanned with an electronic camera that allows you to see the image on a video screen. The restoration is designed from this scan and then automatically milled out from a solid ceramic block. This is accomplished so precisely that it can be accurately fitted and durably bonded to the prepared cavity. All done!

The restoration material: Natural ceramic. Durable and attractive. Just like real enamel.
CEREC restorations are made from ceramic - a natural substance that is particularly compatible with the body. The CEREC ceramic has the same characteristics as normal, healthy dental enamel.

This means it is similarly hard wearing - for example when undergoing the daily grinding of food. Nor is It affected by hot or cold - coffee or ice-cream.

Furthermore the ceramic is so smooth that bacteria do not stand a chance of impregnating its surface. And one will not experience a strange metallic taste or suffer effects from electric currents, which can be created when two different metals are located in neighbouring teeth.

Even under close inspection there is no difference between your tooth and your new restoration.
Self-confidence and inner composure. These are things we would all like to have. But many people suffer with a blemished appearance, often due to their teeth. CEREC restorations will brighten up your life and your self confidence will be restored. We are able to use ceramic materials that match your natural tooth in colour and appearance, so that your repaired teeth appear as originals.

  • Computer inlays inserted into the tooth.
  • Onlays and partial crowns if one or more cusps of your teeth are missing or have to be replaced.
  • Veneers - for the restoration of decayed or broken front teeth.
  • Crowns - full porcelain coverage of broken or decayed teeth.

CEREC conserves the original enamel and therefore the restoration will last a long time.
CEREC restorations are almost as strong as dental enamel -the hardest of all materials in the human body. This strength and durability comes from the ceramic material and also the very careful bonding of the restoration to the tooth.

Yet this is not enough:
We always try to conserve as much of the original dental material as possible. The CEREC method is ideal for this. A CEREC restoration bonded firmly and durably gives your tooth great stability. This means that we can frequently dispense with the need to have a full crown.