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22 King William Street Adelaide SA 5000
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Patient Experience

Your 1st Appointment - (10 Steps)

  1. Chief complaint investigation. Let us know if there is a specific problem we need to resolve.
  2. Detailed record taking.
  3. OPG Xray. A screening radiograph (taken every 2-3 years).
  4. Periodontal examination. All soft tissues examined (Gums, Tongue, Lips).
  5. Teeth examined and charted reflecting the existing state: how many teeth, old fillings, root filled teeth, Smile analysis.
  6. Close up x-rays. Bitewings and periapical pictures if required.
  7. Intra Oral Photos; we want you to see what we see.
  8. Occlusion.
    • How do your teeth meet?
    • Do they look good, feel good and function properly?
    • Are the teeth crowded, worn or showing signs of bruxism?
  9. Temporomandibular joint and muscle functional examination.
  10. Treatment plan presentation. What we see and could do for you.

It is our aim that after this visit;

There will be no surprises once treatment has commenced.You the client will have a plan for life.