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Whitening Methods Explained

Teeth whitening has never been so accessible. With all the various teeth whitening kits and procedures on offer, just how do you know which is the best method for you?

They all promise to enhance your pearly whites, yet differ in price and method. Some rely on our dentists professionally performing the procedure, while others are a sold over-the-counter DIY job leaving no room for error. Here are dental whitening procedures explained to help you make an informed choice.

At Our Practice

External Professional Bleaching – external whitening is a fast and effective way to whiten teeth. It’s also great for sensitive teeth as the procedure is closely monitored by our hygienist. It involves applying a highly concentrated hydrogen/carbamide peroxide gel onto the teeth exterior. A light is often used in conjunction with the gel to accelerate and amplify the tooth whitening process for enhanced results.

Internal Professional Bleaching – internal staining can discolour teeth from the inside out, so this procedure is required if the inside of a tooth is the actual cause of the discolouration. It is administered when a tooth has undergone endodontic therapy (root canal treatment). Essentially, the affected tooth is accessed through an existing filling, and a bleaching agent is inserted directly inside the tooth. Bleach is left inside the tooth for a short period of time before being removed. This may take several appointments depending on the extent of the staining.

At-Home Treatment

Professional Custom Fitted Trays – we can cast impressions of your teeth to create a laboratory fabricated customised plastic tray for you to take home so you can complete the tooth whitening process by yourself. These trays are designed to hold bleach gel correctly in place over the teeth while avoiding the gum area. That’s why they’re considered to be a superior at-home style treatment since we can also determine what type of whitening gel concentration is best suited to your teeth.

Over-the-Counter (OTC) – whitening treatments can be purchased over-the-counter at pharmacies, beauticians or the local supermarket. We do not recommend this method as the results are not on par with professional whitening methods performed by our practice. Whitening results can be less than desirable due to a lack of professional supervision, and can be damaging to the teeth and gums.

Is whitening for me?

Maintenance of whitening is very important, and before you undertake any external bleaching method, it is important to understand that if you wish to maintain your achieved results you will need to continue to bleach at home every couple of months.

If your teeth have lost their natural lustre and appear discoloured, stained or yellowed, then whitening should be an avenue to consider. Whatever whitening method you decide to choose, it’s best to consult our practice first to ensure the teeth and gums are healthy, and any treatment is carried out prior to whitening.

Overall, having your teeth whitening procedure executed at the dentist not only is the fastest method but a premium way to achieve the best results.